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Important! Before you pay for your tickets, please read carefully the TERMS and CONDITIONS during the booking process to avoid unnecessary issues.
Children free only with parents / max 3 children per 1 parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reservation Required?

Reservation is highly appreciated, if you want to be sure, you will get access to the pool at the desired time of your choice. Unfortunately, due to huge demand, we cannot guarantee a spot in the pool if you do not make a reservation in advance.

How can I make reservation?

It is really easy!

How many pools do you have?

Being an unique in definition, there is only one pool available in the area. But hey, it is awesome!

What’s included in price?

Admission fee includes soaking in geothermal swimming pool, known also as the oldest pool in Iceland.

It includes great time, unique experience and complete relaxation.

Optionally you can rent towel and swimsuit. We also offer snack and drink for purchase.

How can I pay?

There are many options available.

  • Individual clients: Pay online when you make your reservation
  • Groups & Partners- to be settled with Secret Lagoon before the group visit, during reservation process 


  • Pay cash when you arrive. We accept Icelandic Kronas, American Dollars and Euro
  • Pay with Debit / Credit Card: VISA, MAESTRO, AMEX, others
How to get to Secret Lagoon?

It is no secret how to get here and we will gladly share it!

  • Get by car – we are located here
  • You can purchase a tour from one of travel agencies that will bring you here and will allow you to see some more of Iceland-Secret Lagoon is one of the object to visit along Golden Circle. For more information please contact tour operators directly.


  • By bus – please visit Icelandic Bus Company – Straeto. You can check buses and time when they are leaving. Oh yes, you need to get to Flúðir and that´s going to be experience too😊
  • Taxi – The most luxurious and unfortunately most expensive way of getting to the Secret Lagoon.


Please notice that Secret Lagoon do not provide transportation. We are very sorry, but just too busy to do so:)

Does Secret Lagoon provide showers and lockers for guest?

Yes, Secret Lagoon provides indoor changing room with lockers and indoor shower and they are segregated for men and women.
Along with Icelandic customs those are public showers with open space (no cabins). There is no shame, we are all the same!

Do I have to shower without swimsuit before entering the pool?


Everyone have to do that. It is considered rude if you do not. 

You have to shower and you have to be butt naked to properly cleanse yourself.

Here is a humorous video what happens if you don’t! (mind you that one of the actors is former major of Reykjavik!)


Can we watch Northern Lights from Secret Lagoon?

During Northern Lights season we close every day at 8 pm. Remember that it is forbidden to bath when we are closed. We take it very seriously (as we care for your health and safety) and report every entrance, outside of opening hours, to the police.
Although chances to see northern lights are higher later at night, we recommend to turn your rejuvenating bath into a good start for northern light hunting.

Can we enter the pool in the night?

It is forbidden to enter the pool when we are closed. We take it very seriously (as we care for your health and safety) and report every entrance, outside of opening hours, to the police.

Why ruin your stay in Iceland?

Do I have to print the E-ticket after booking online?

Not necessary. You can simply have the ticket ready on the screen of your mobile device.

Please notice that your ticket is one use only, and it’s valid in selected time and date.

What happens if don’t arrive at arrival time I´ve booked?

Please read  terms and conditions  that apply to all online bookings.

We understand that there could be many reasons why our guests are delayed. We will try our best to accommodate you but we can not guarantee entry upon arrival for guests that arrive on a different time than they have pre-booked. Entrance is subjected to availability per hour and therefore we urge our guests to keep the time frame.

How should I prepare myself and what should I take with me?
  1. First of all read about our magic place on the website. Secret Lagoon is the oldest pool in Iceland and it’s worth to know that. Read our terms and conditions that will follow with your E-ticket. Some of the warnings we write about are VERY important.
  2. It’s very important to be well hydrated and well fed. Drink before, during and after. We do not recommend to be hungry during soaking, especially in the evening. There are snacks, cakes, sandwiches for purchase in our cafe. This precaution is connected with the fact that the water in Secret Lagoon is hot. Spending time in hot water being hungry or thirsty mind cause dizziness and fainting.
  3. It’s good to have towel and swimsuit with you, but don’t worry if forget. You can rent/buy them on the place as well.

    We provide soap for washing  body/hairs and a hair dryers.

    In Iceland things to be useful, must be simple and we recommend to keep this track.

Is there parking for customers?

Parking  is available for Secret Lagoon customers, only during opening hours.

Is there camping around Secret Lagoon?

No, we do not have camping place, however, there is camping place in Fludir, just 1 km from Secret Lagoon.

You can also book the room in the neighborhood’s little guesthouse  Gardur Stay Inn. For more information please check.

Do you organize private events?

We do not have an exclusive use of the pool in our standard offer, even with group reservations.

However, feel welcome to send us request via Group Reservation Form.

I forgot something in the Secret Lagoon. How can I get it back?

Sorry, it is already sold. Just kidding 🙂

Please call reception at +354 5553351 or send us email at and describe your item.

If we found it, you can pick it up at the reception.

If you are already far, far away we can send it to you (you will have to cover the postage costs).

Please keep in mind that we will store the lost items for 3 weeks and after this time we will give it away to Red Cross.


Do you have a restaurant ?

We do not have a restaurant however we won’t let you stay hungry during the soaking (being hungry during soaking is not recommended). In our cafe you can purchase soft drinks, coffee/tea, snacks, sandwiches, cake etc.

Does the water affect my hair or jewelry?

You do not have to be worried about your hair, you can dip it into the water if you took a proper shower before entering the pool.
Regarding jewelry, we advise taking jewelry made of silver of.

What are the rules when I come with group of kids?

Please notice that we offer free entrance for children only with accompanying adults.

Due to safety reasons, children 16 years or younger need to be accompanied by an adult, one adult can bring max 3 children.

These rules do not apply to groups. You need to contact us through our Group Reservation Form to make a reservation.

What should I wear?

Your outfit should be like you would visit a regular swimming pool. Dresses, shorts, T-shirts etc. not made for swimming are not allowed because of sanitary reasons.

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