Most frequent questions and answers


Reservations are highly recommended. We do our best to accommodate everyone and provide a safe and pleasant experience for all our guests. Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a spot in the lagoon without prior reservation.

For individual guests – book tickets here.

Group reservations/Tour operators – Group Reservation Form or e-mail us on

We accept cash, card and online payments.

Pay online when you make your reservation or pay upon arrival at reception.

We accept Icelandic Krona, US Dollar and Euro when paying cash.

We accept most debit/credit cards, including Apple Pay, VISA, MAESTRO and AmericanExpress.

Groups & tour operators will be informed of available payment methods in the confirmation email during the reservation process.


Admission includes using our shower facilities, lockers and soaking in our geothermal lagoon, known as the oldest pool in Iceland. It is a one-way ticket. 

Extras such as towel and swimsuit rental, drinks and snacks are not included in the basic admission fee and can be purchased at reception. 

ndividual guests (10 people or less), purchasing tickets on our website are not subject to a specific length of stay.The average stay is 1.5-2 hours.
The duration of stay dedicated to organized groups (10 people and more) is 1.5-2 hours.
Our  regular closing time is a natural limit.

For individuals: For safety reasons, children 16 years or younger need to be accompanied by an adult, one adult can accompany max. 3 children.

Children 14 and younger may enter for free, accompanied by an adult entering the lagoon, one adult can accompany max. 3 children. Children cannot enter the lagoon on their own.

These rules do not apply to school groups. School groups need to contact us through our Group Reservation Form to make a reservation.

A printed ticket is not necessary. If you do not have a printed copy, please have the E-ticket ready on your mobile device when arriving at reception. 

Your ticket is for single use only, valid on the selected time and date.

Please read our terms and conditions, which apply to all online bookings.

We understand there could be many reasons for lastminute changes. We will try our best to accommodate you, however, we cannot guarantee you admission outside of your reservation. We therefore urge our guests to arrive on time.

Getting Here

Secret Lagoon does not provide transportation. 

You can visit us…

    • By car – we are located here.
    • By tour – The Secret Lagoon is a stop on many of the Golden Circle tours. For more information, please contact available tour operators directly :

Daily tours providers:

  • By public bus – The bus service between Selfoss and Flúðir is very limited. Please visit Icelandic Bus Company – Straeto for more information.

From Reykjavik to Selfoss 

From Selfoss to Fludir 

  • By taxi – The most luxurious and therefore most expensive way of getting to the Secret Lagoon.

Private parking is available for Secret Lagoon guests during opening hours only.

Overnight parking and camping are not permitted.


Before you visit Secret Lagoon, the oldest pool in Iceland, there are a few things worth knowing. Please read the terms and conditions and follow instructions from our staff during your visit.

It is very important to stay hydrated and maintain your blood sugar levels. Drink water before, during and after your visit. We recommend eating before you enter the lagoon, especially in the evening. Spending time in hot water being hungry or thirsty might cause dizziness and fainting. There are drinks, snacks, and sandwiches available in our cafe. Limit your consumption of alcohol.

Bring your own towel and swimsuit or rent/buy them at reception upon arrival.

We provide soap for washing body and hair, as well as hair dryers.

Each of the four outfits marked in the photo is appropriate, regardless of gender. Dresses, shorts, T-shirts etc. not made for swimming are not allowed because of sanitary and safety reasons.


It is mandatory to shower without swimsuit before entering the lagoon. It is part of the Icelandic culture to do so and considered disrespectful if you do not shower. This rule is there for your health and safety as well, as we do not use any chemicals in the lagoon. 

Here is a video what happens if you refuse to shower! (One of the actors is a former major of Reykjavik!)

The water in our lagoon is high in sulphur. It is not damaging to your hair. You can freely put your hair in the water, after thoroughly washing it in the shower of course.

Regarding jewellery, we advise taking off any jewellery before entering the lagoon.  Belongings lost in the water are very hard to retrieve as the bottom is a deep layer of gravel stone. Additionally, silver jewellery might change colour due to the high level of sulphur in the water.


We only have one pool. There is a path around the pool, to look at the surrounding hot springs and little Geysir. These hot springs are naturally 100°C and therefore never-ever for entry!  

Yes, Secret Lagoon provides indoor changing rooms with lockers and keys. Indoor showers are segregated for men and women. In Icelandic style, the showers are communal, without private cubicles or family room.

We have a cafe with hot-, soft- and alcoholic drinks, snacks, cup noodles, sandwiches and seasonally ice creams or hotdogs. We do not have a kitchen for hot food.

Secret Lagoon is on private property and camping is not permitted. The nearest campground is Fludir campground, 1.5 km from Secret Lagoon.

Adjacent to the Secret Lagoon is guesthouse Gardur Stay Inn. For more information please check.

If you wish to organize a private event in our lagoon, please send us a request via the Group Reservation Form. We cannot guarantee we will approve your request, although we will try to fit you into our calendar.


Please find our opening hours Here

The Secret Lagoon is on private property, and it therefore forbidden to enter the lagoon outside of business hours. We take it very seriously and report every entrance outside of opening hours to the police.

During Northern Lights season we close every day at 7 PM. Chances to see the Northern Lights are higher later at night. Therefore, you will not be able to watch them from our lagoon. The Secret Lagoon is on private property, and it therefore forbidden to enter the lagoon outside of business hours. We take it very seriously and report every entrance outside of opening hours to the police.


Please send us an email at and describe your item in detail. If we have it, we will ask you to complete payment for shipping, after which we will send it to your address of choice.

Alternatively, you can come back to the Secret Lagoon and collect it in person.

Please keep in mind that we will store any lost and found items for 3 weeks. After this period, we will donate all remaining items to the Icelandic Red Cross.


From the very beginning of the pandemic, the company has made every effort to reduce the risk for exposure. During the peak of the pandemic, Secret Lagoon was temporarily closed. 

We are now fully reopened for you to enjoy. Some preventive measures are still in place, based on the guidelines provided by the Chief Epidemiologist in Iceland.