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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Without advanced reservation we do not guarantee availability.


Please fill-up the form below or send us an email to

Please notice that the reservation is valid only after you receive an email confirmation from Secret Lagoon.  

To confirm last-minute group reservation please call (+354) 853 3033 or (+354) 555 3351- reception open during our regular opening hours.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, the company makes every effort to reduce the potential risk of infection. Prevention is based on the guidelines of the Chief Epidemiologist in Iceland

During the greatest threat, Secret Lagoon was temporarily closed.

When we consider visits at the Secret Lagoon to be safe enough for ourselves,families and children, it’s also open for you and we do recommend visiting. 

Group reservation via reservation form will require information as:

  • name of the group
  • number of people,
  • date,
  • exact time,
  • contact person details,


For the companies

  • name of the company
  • address
  • identification number or kennitala

It’s highly appreciated to make a reservation even for one customer. Without advanced reservation we do not guarantee availability at the time you will show up.

Please read the terms and conditions that apply to all online bookings.

We understand that there could be many reasons why our guests are delayed. We will try our best to accommodate your group, but after the selected time and date your reservation is expired and we cannot guarantee entrance.

In emergency cases, we really much appreciate information about group delay as soon as possible.

You can contact us on:

Reception: 00354 555 3351

Customer service: 00354 8533033

Without advanced settlement with Secret Lagoon groups will be charged on arrival.

To set up a payment method please contact us on or through our contact form

At the moment of check in guide/ tour leader must provide reception with information about number of the visitors, method of payment, company name, type of the group (for example seniors number if there are), extras (for example towels rental).

Guide/ tour leader should provide members of the group with all safety information right before entering Secret Lagoon area.

Most important warnings:

  • Hot springs – they are NOT for taking bath, and they are real danger!
  • Showering without swimsuit before entering the pool is necessary!
  • Jumping or running is prohibited!
  • Stay well hydrated and nourished!
  • Children must be watched by parents/ patroness at all time!
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that Secret Lagoon is dedicated for visitors seeking relaxation, peace and quiet. The whole group, whose participants arrive intoxicated, disturb the peace and quiet of other guests, acting disrespectfully to employees of the Secret Lagoon will not be allowed or will be asked to leave.

We do not have an exclusive use of the pool in our standard offer, even with group reservations.

However, feel welcome to send us request via Group Reservation Form.

Sorry, it is already sold. Just kidding 🙂

Please call reception at +354 5553351 or send us email at and describe your item.

If we found it, you can pick it up at the reception.

If you are already far, far away we can send it to you (you will have to cover the postage costs).

Please keep in mind that we will store the lost items for 3 weeks and after this time we will give it away to Red Cross.

We do not have a restaurant however we won’t let you stay hungry during the soaking (being hungry during soaking is not recommended). In our cafe you can purchase soft drinks, coffee/tea, snacks, sandwiches, cake etc.

You do not have to be worried about your hair, you can dip it into the water if you took a proper shower before entering the pool.
Regarding jewelry, we advise taking jewelry made of silver of.

Please notice that we offer free entrance for children only with accompanying adults.

Due to safety reasons, children 16 years or younger need to be accompanied by an adult, one adult can bring max 3 children.

These rules do not apply to groups. You need to contact us through our Group Reservation Form to make a reservation.

There are a few methods of payments:

  1. at the moment of booking
  2. at the moment of arrival
  3. special payment conditions*

*need to be established via at least a week before the group visit